10-12 Week Fitness “Base Building” for beginners:

Focus exclusively on aerobic workouts over the next 10-12 weeks. Spend around 5-15 minutes warming up. This is important, because it slowly elevates your heart rate to the optimal range. The objective is to then keep the remainder of the workout keeping your heart rate in a range within the optimal aerobic heart rate (This is considered to be around 80% of the theoretical maximum heart rate to one’s age). It is important that you do not exceed this optimal aerobic heart rate. The recommended maximum aerobic range for heart rate changes with age and to detailed in the table below:

  • 20 yrs             140-160 maximum aerobic range
  • 30 yrs             152-133 maximum aerobic range
  • 40 yrs             125-144 maximum aerobic range
  • 50 yrs             118-136 maximum aerobic range
  • 60 yrs             112-128 maximum aerobic range

NB:  It is important that you do every workout within this range:

  • Endurance days,
  • moderate length days,
  • hilly days, all of them the same.

Remember: No cheating and No going over the threshold; even a little. Walk the hills. Put the chain in a smaller gear…. Do whatever it takes to keep from going over your maximum number. Once you have build your “base” after 10-12 weeks then there be have plenty of opportunity to work hard and push toward the more “painful” heart rates. Now you have an important secret toward building a good base, and more importantly; you are training correctly during the early season so you will have your best race when it counts!